Remy – 9 days new and the best hair

If there were a contest for best newborn hair, I’m pretty sure that Remy would win it hands down!


Big brother Braxton was exploring the studio but I managed to not just direct his attention to his parents and baby sister, I captured this amazing smile and connection as well!


Remy was a little bit unsettled with her big brother running around but we managed to get some beautiful photos with mom and dad as well

Who doesn’t love a great sibling portrait with a newborn baby? Big brother Braxton loves his baby sister and had no problem smothering her with kisses for the photos!

For a little variety in sibling images, I decided to put Remy in a basket prop – pretty much as soon as she snuggled in there she fell sound asleep for the rest of her photo session!

Look at those lashes! SWOON!

Mom and Dad decided to add a little bit of soft pink girliness for Remy’s newborn photo session – I love the wool and vintage looking bonnet!

Baby toes!

Remy quite enjoyed the SUPER soft ‘nest’ I made for her photos… she even gave me a grin.

Thank you so much for trusting me to photograph your sweet newborn baby!

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Jasper – 9 days new

I have been SO terrible about updating my blog! =( It’s always the very last priority on my list and that thing that never gets checked off.


When Jasper’s mom and I first spoke on the phone several months ago, we hit it off immediately! We both have a love for rescue dogs (and Pets Alive) and she owns a dog boutique. We bonded over tattoos as well. πŸ˜‰ I couldn’t wait to meet her and her little family and I was definitely not disappointed!


Sweet dreams.


Jasper quite enjoyed the rustic barnwood crate that my husband made – that amazing fuzzy wool and fur sure looks comfy too!


Those cheeks!



When mom has a ‘thing’ for birds, you make a nest for her ‘little baby bird’!


I think Jasper liked the newborn nest


There is nothing more magical than a mother’s love for her baby


Safe and sound. I love showcasing just how tiny new babies are in Daddy’s arms.


Thank you so much for allowing me to be your newborn photographer! I can’t wait to watch Jasper grow!

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Caring for your images

A good friend of mine who is very well versed in art and has the most amazing collection of framed images in her home recently asked me for a replacement print for one that stuck to the glass of her frame and tore when she tried to switch out the frame. Wait, what? How could this be? I ordered a replacement print for her and let her know that prints should never touch glass – and this is exactly why. If she didn’t know this, I’m betting that most people don’t… so I thought I’d educate you!


No matter the media, it’s best to keep your images out of prolonged direct sunlight. Even with UV coatings and UV glass, prolonged exposure to direct sunlight will cause fading. Also, it is not a good idea to store them in an attic (gets too hot) or basement (moisture).

Framed prints

Prints should not touch the glass in a frame. There are a few options for this – matting, spacers (available with custom framing or you can buy them online) or no glass. If it’s a delicate piece of art it should definitely have glass to protect it from dust, moisture, etc., but professional prints are sprayed with a protective coating and are okay without glass. Just use a feather duster to clean them.

Acrylic vs. glass – window cleaner will cause acrylic to fog – I use a slightly damp microfiber cloth to clean acrylic glazing.

Do you know that cardboard backing you find in store bought frames? It’s there to help give your prints some stability. You won’t find that piece of cardboard in custom framing, rather the prints will be mounted. Mounting prints prevents the rippling that happens over time and they make it much harder to damage your prints as well. My wall prints are all mounted unless otherwise requested. If you’re putting a mounted print into a store bought frame you’ll probably need to remove the cardboard and the glass.


Digital Images

It strikes me every time someone says that digital images are forever. Have these people never lost a digital image? Never had a corrupt hard drive, computer crash or a disk that won’t read? First, PLEASE PRINT your images. Have physical copies of them. Second, back them up in at least two places – one being off site. If they’re just living on your hard drive, USB or a CD you WILL lose them. Cloud based services are great too, but I personally have a hard time believing that they will be around in 50 years or won’t get hacked or something. While we’re on the subject, please don’t print them at value-priced places. Most digital printing I’ve seen from consumer labs is atrocious both in color and quality. I cannot imagine that that flimsy paper is archival.


Archival Storage

Whether it’s a photo album, matted print or a box of prints, please be sure that if you care about those images you are storing them with archival materials… from the mat to the photo box to the adhesive you use to secure them – everything should say archival. Wood boxes are gorgeous but over time gasses from the wood will cause the images to discolor and should not be used for long-term storage.


If the photos mean something to you, if you’d be sad to never see them again, please take good care of them.


Lauren – 10 day old newborn baby in the Hudson Valley

At just 10 days old, Lauren already knew how to work it for her newborn photography session! We started off with some simple, cozy and cute poses on a plush mohair blanket and some pretty lace and linen layering fabrics and she rocked my favorite bonnet:

We switched our set up to incorporate this gorgeous dusty rose textured backdrop and sweet baby Lauren curled up nicely in a womb-like pose for me

Sometimes the best poses are the ones that baby does on her own! Lauren loved to sleep with her arms up by her head so of course I had to capture that for mom and dad! Doesn’t she look so peaceful? I always wonder what babies dream about.
Tutus are not typically my thing but mama loves them and brought this cute set for Lauren’s newborn photos – I’m always happy to incorporate special requests, sentimental items, etc. – as this was not my usual style I wasn’t entirely sure what I wanted to do with it – I think the lace overlay worked out well!

How do we compliment a tutu? Why add a girly headband, of course! I wanted to make sure we had something a touch different that would go well with the above photo in their album – these two images went perfectly together in their custom designed book!

One of my very favorite photos – my husband and I grabbed this authentic reclaimed barnwood recently from 2 barns that were demolished in Goshen NY – well worth the effort if I may say! Miss Lauren sure seemed to like her cozy fur ‘nest’ as she was lying in the basket and modeling the headband I made special for my Christmas babies!

Big brother Chase is full of energy and was a bit tough to convince but he eventually gave into my charms! πŸ˜‰ He was quite proud to show off that shirt!

How sweet is Chase with his baby sister?

We sure worked hard for this family photo – look at those great smiles! It should be a crime how amazing mama looks too!

Thank you SO much, Valerie, Garrett, Chase and Lauren! It was such a pleasure meeting you all and capturing this special time for your family. I can’t wait to see you again soon!

To book your Hudson Valley NY newborn baby photography session e-mail me at – space is limited and it is highly recommended that you book while you are still pregnant to ensure availability! Newborn babies are best photographed under 2 weeks of age to get the best photos and sleeping cute poses.

Baby John – Hudson Valley NY Newborn Photography

Holy moly it’s been a wild year! I spent the first few months of 2014 recovering from major surgery, the majority of the year in physical therapy and still managed to take photos of babies and families galore! It’s really awful how badly I have neglected my blog. It’s always the last thing on my never ending to-do list and never seems to actually get done! Blogging to me is like putting the laundry away – I know I should do it but there are so many other things to do that I feel are more important so it rarely happens.

While I had intended to really catch up on all of the sessions I hadn’t blogged I know that isn’t a goal that I’ll actually accomplish so I’m not going to kid myself. How about a few highlights from some recent favorites? We’ll start with Baby John. John was such a good boy for me – he slept so well and was extremely cooperative. He even gave me a couple of smiles! =)

Max- 6 month old baby photos

Please bare with me while I attempt to get caught up! Max came back in May for his next Baby’s First Year Plan photo session – around 6 months old. Max and his mom Beth live down in Brooklyn so coming up to the Hudson Valley isn’t exactly a quick ride up the street! I cannot tell you how honored I am when I get clients who travel from far away! I’ve had clients come to me from Trumbull CT, Bayonne NJ, Brooklyn NY and even out in eastern CT! It is a HUGE compliment that they like me and my photography that much and I appreciate it so very much.


Max was a bit tired and cranky when he came to me for our second installment of photos in his Baby’s First Year Plan but we still created some adorable photos! Here he is happy as can be on the same blanket we used for his newborn session

Beth brought the cutest little tie for him! What a charmer!

Max wanted to show off his new skills again in a different outfit this time but it was quickly approaching nap time since he hadn’t slept much on the ride up

…aaaaand he’s OUT!

Thanks so much for making the trip up here from Brooklyn to see me!

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Max – newborn photos at one month old

I told ya’ll I was really far behind on my blogging! Max is the nephew of one of my long time repeat clients and he arrived shortly after my neck surgery last winter. Normally I like to photograph newborns around 8-12 days old – they tend to sleep deeper, they’ll still usually have no complaints about curling up to get into those cute poses, they usually break out with baby acne around 2-3 weeks and they change so very quickly – but it isn’t always possible to get them at that age. At the time of Max’s birth, I wasn’t even allowed to lift 5 pounds (my camera weighs more than that!) so we had to hold off on his session until I was allowed to pick up my camera and felt comfortable doing his newborn baby photo session (with some assistance). I was a bit nervous that Max wouldn’t cooperate since he was about a month old by the time I was able to do his newborn photos but he was a rockstar – he even came sporting a natural faux-hawk – gosh that sounds like a complete contradiction but you get the point!


I just love the look on his face here – great eye contact and I swear he was trying to talk to me! He was much stronger than my typical newborn baby and he was very determined to break out of that wrap!

We managed to get Max to take a quick nap on this soft mohair blanket – he found his comfy spot and wasn’t about to let me move him or unclench those fists!

A sweet moment with his amazing mom, Beth

For the last part of our newborn baby photo session Max decided to let me curl him up a little bit in one of my baskets. I think he was cozy in the fur!

Stay tuned for more of Max! He’s part of my Baby’s First Year Plan and I’ve been so honored that Max and his Mom Beth keep coming all the way up from Brooklyn to have me capture his growth, milestones and I’ve gotten to witness his emerging personality! I can’t wait to see Max again in a couple more weeks!

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Annabel – First Birthday and Cake Smash

Oh my I am so very far behind on blogging! It’s been a busy year – the first half of which was slow business wise as I was recovering (very slowly) from neck surgery and couldn’t do much and the rest of which has been filled with a lot of wonderful newborn babies, families, children and food photography here in the Hudson Valley!


Many of my newborn photo clients also sign up for my Baby’s First Year Plan which includes a newborn photo session and then sessions around 4 months, 8 months and one year to capture all of the great milestones like pushing up on his or her tummy (usually around 4 months), sitting unassisted (usually around 8 months) and of course a first birthday session including portraits and a cake smash! Even if families don’t opt for the full Baby’s First Year Plan, I still offer sessions any time – Annabel’s parents had me photograph her newborn session, a fall family session and then her first birthday portraits – it’s so much fun to see my little clients again and again and to watch their personalities emerge!


Isn’t she just adorable?! Annabel’s mom bought this cute little romper and made this fabulous burlap bunting for her session which was themed in purple, aqua and white. I might have to hire her to make more for me! πŸ˜‰


I get the feeling she KNOWS how cute she is!



Once we’ve got a few cute first birthday portraits then the REAL fun begins… CAKE SMASH! Annabel’s mom bought the cutest little leg warmer and diaper cover set – so glad I didn’t have to get the icing color out of that beautiful set!

Oh my goodness, don’t you just love when babies get so into smashing the cake that they even get their feet into it?! I’m pretty sure that Annabel had more cake on her feet than in her mouth!

Though, Annabel quickly realized that she did NOT like the feeling of icing between her toes!

Thank you so much for inviting me to capture Annabel’s first birthday portraits and cake smash! I had so much fun with her (as always)!

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Ivan’s First Year

It’s hard to believe how fast kids change, especially during their first year of life! That’s the biggest reason I love taking pictures of babies several times during their first year – to capture all of those great milestones like pushing up on their bellies, sitting, standing and walking and to see their personalities emerge. Ivan’s personality became apparent to me during his 4 month session where he earned the nickname “Mr. Serious”… and even now at a year old it still fits.

Ivan was very cooperative with me for his newborn baby session – he didn’t mind being placed in props at all and slept like a champ!

Ivan was very serious for his 4 month photo session but we still coaxed out some big smiles! Here he is in the same basket we used for his newborn photos!

For Ivan’s 8 month session we decided to do photos outdoors at a local farm – Mr. Serious was definitely a fitting nickname!

Look at that big boy!

Ivan’s first birthday session was no exception – still serious! πŸ˜‰

Ivan was all about eating cake but wanted nothing to do with his cake smash! He kept crying and pushing the cake away but would devour every piece given to him!

He did finally get a little bit into it and even had a good time!

Then he decided he was done with the cake and he sat with his back to it… the tongue sticking out was just PERFECT!

It has been so great watching Mr. Serious… er… Ivan grow during his first year! I can’t wait for the years to come!

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Colton – one year

It has been such an amazing honor to photograph Colton over the course of his first year! I photographed his parents’ wedding many years ago and had been anxiously waiting for them to have a little one of their own. We kicked off Colton’s modeling career back in late fall of 2012, before he had even taken his first breath, with a rustic outdoor maternity session on a farm in Fairfield County CT after some fresh snow.

Colt was not quite so cooperative once he was here and gave me a bit of a hard time for his newborn photography session but his cuteness sure makes up for that!



“You can’t make me sleep. Nope. Not gonna happen.”

“Okay, maybe just a little…”


A few months later I got to see Colton (and his mom and dad – funny how parents are left out once baby arrives!) once again for his 4 month photos- he was not in the best mood but my goodness is that boy adorable!



He was just a *little* excited about his feet. =)


When Colton came for his 9 month portraits I couldn’t believe how much he had grown – his personality was definitely starting to develop!

He’s a little shy at first but he loves to give smiles and dance. Is this child not the spitting image of his Dad?! Same hair too. πŸ˜‰

Most recently, I got to see Colt and his parents for his one year first birthday portraits and cake smash – oh my goodness what fun! Colt loved the balloons but didn’t want too much to do with showing off his standing skills.

And then it was on to the REALLY fun part – cake smash! Colt dove right in and also decided to do a little finger painting on the balloons as well!


Happy Birthday, Colton!!! It has been SUCH an honor capturing your first year of life – I can’t wait for the years to come!

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